Danish Bike Riders

Never Stop Riding is the Danish Bike Riders Club motto, EST 2017 they offer three weekly rides in the UK they are post dinner times, so no problem to add this to your closet. They are all pretty flat rides in Watopia, to be expected as it’s pretty flat in the Netherlands. However their endurance ride is 90kms to if you ride another 10kms you’ll unlock the 100kms Zwift Jersey at the same time!

  • DBR – 4×10 min Stryke every Wednesday at 17:55 GMT
  • DBR Race Series every Wednesday at 19:05 GMT
  • DBR Base Endurance Ride every Thursday at 16:00 GMT

Zwift Danish Bike Riders Team jersey : Join one of their DBR endurance of race series rides to unlock their custom Zwift kit. If you complete the ride you will then unlock the jersey for your everyday Zwifting rides. #rideon