Rowe & King

Rowe & King are a community of like minded cyclists who all want to develop themselves in to the best rider possible. Rowe & King cycle coaching was founded in 2015 by Matt RoweCourtney Rowe and Dani Rowe (nee King) they operate three evening workouts.

  • Monday Mixer 40mins with Rowe & King at 18:20 GMT
  • Tuesday Chaingang 55mins with Coach Ryan Bevis at 18:20 GMT
  • Workout Wednesday 42mins with Rowe & King at 19:45 GMT

Zwift Rowe & King Team jersey: When you sign on to Zwift for one of their rides you will automatically wear a digital version their cycling coaching jersey. If you complete the ride you will then unlock the jersey for your everyday Zwifting rides. #rideon