SAS Cycling Club

Eight scheduled weekly rides on Zwift will be organized by SAS (Spin and Sprint) Cycling Club

  • Sunrise every Weekday expect Friday at 18:45 GMT
  • PI + Sauce every Monday at 07:00 GMT
  • Smug Rise every Wednesday at 18:45 GMT
  • Jungle Loops every Wednesday at 07:00 GMT
  • SAS Sub 2 every Wednesday at at 19:50 GMT
  • SAS Sun 2 x 50 Weekend day at 20:30 GMT
  • Friday Night Dinner every Friday at 07:00 GMT
  • SAS-QUATCH Bigfoot 160 every Sunday at 05:30 GMT

Zwift SAS Team jersey: When you sign on to Zwift for one of their rides you will automatically wear a digital version of the SAS cycling jersey. If you complete the ride you will then unlock the jersey for your everyday Zwifting rides. #rideon