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If you know the #hashtag for the club or team you can always add it to the end of this URL https://www.zwift.com/events/tag/hashtag (omit the #) 

For example: https://www.zwift.com/events/tag/rugbyridechallenge this will bring up all official ride events for this specific weekend challenge this Head for Change this equates to 12 rides over this next weekend of the 6th – 7th  March 2021 some events don’t have an official Zwift event page they have a dedicated page and after these hashtagged events might show after these dates!

I am in no way affiliated with Zwift this extensive blog and it’s content has been compiled to help provide help and advice for every devoted Zwift Jersey Hunter. Our aim to provide a catalogue of bit.ly sort links and images to enrich the world’s number one turbo training platform, and it’s ever increasing addicted online community!

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This list is a work in progress, there are a few fondo’s and earlier jersey unlock events that still need to be added. There are many clubs and teams on Zwift that use jerseys that require an unlock code like Zwift Team Italy who use the inGAMBA jersey. Don’t despair there are over 235 in total at last count, with at least 52 available with unlock codes http://bit.ly/2xpqtex and 36 more available through XP level unlock http://bit.ly/2Xg5fNv so far there are 131 available by joining club rides http://bit.ly/2KPcdYl completing Tours, Challenges and Special Events.


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Sadly some of these are unlocked ONLY after one off annual ride like the Andre Greipel & Marcel Sieberg ALS ride – Feb 2019 and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society fundraising Bay to Bay ride – Oct 2019 event where the MS 150 jersey could be unlocked over a weekend in October 2019

Latest ZWIFT JERSEY CLUBS how to unlock virtual jersey…

  • 4iiii Innovations Cycling Club free with club rides #jerseyunlock
  • 6 Point Challenges BASIC5
  • AHDR (Aussie Hump Day Riders) 2 x free with club rides
  • All American Bikes
  • Amersham RCC BASIC3
  • Belgian Zwift Riders as of yet no #jerseyunlock
  • Biciletta Vancouver BASIC5
  • Black Sheep Cycling free with Lamp Chop Race Series #jerseyunlock
  • BMTR (Bear Mountaineers)
  • BZR (Belgian Zwift Riders) BZR
  • Chicks Who Ride Bikes FLOURO2
  • Classic Cycling VINTAGE1
  • CMA (Cycling Mums Australia) FLOURO1
  • CRYO-GEN BIKE&BEER #jerseyunlockcode
  • CycleHub free with an annual qualifying ride each Xmas
  • Cycling Tips CTKIT #jerseyunlockcode
  • Danish Bike Riders free with club rides #jerseyunlock
  • Dubai Roadsters TACX #jerseyunlockcode
  • Dutch Diesel Cycling free with club rides #jerseyunlock
  • EDF French Ladies (Ellesfontduvelo) CLASSY3
  • EVR (Escape Velocity Club) ZWIFT
  • Finesse MTS #jerseyunlockcode
  • Geneva Triathlon TRIATHETE #jerseyunlockcode
  • German Cycling Academy #jerseyunlock
  • GGCC (Glasgow Green Cycle Club) BASIC5
  • HIT Ladies HETISKOERS #jerseyunlockcode
  • Hillington Slipstreamers VINTAGE1
  • Innovation Cycling Club free with club rides #jerseyunlock
  • Zwift Japan ALPINESLOPES3 #jerseyunlocklevel
  • KC Zwift (Kirchmair) BASIC1
  • Kiwi Crew CAMO2
  • KOA Sports free with club rides #jerseyunlock
  • La Biciletta Cycling Club free with club rides #jerseyunlock
  • LE COL by Wiggins #jerseyunlockride
  • Mark Allen Coaching as of yet no #jerseyunlock
  • MGCC (Morning Glory Cycling Club) MORNINGGLORYCC #jerseyunlockcode
  • Mikkeller & Friends SOUIGNEUR #jerseyunlockcode
  • Pedal Racing free with club rides #jerseyunlock
  • QT2 Systems enter thorough affiliate link as of yet no #jerseyunlock
  • Revolution Velo Racing free with club rides #jerseyunlock
  • Rowe & King free with club rides #jerseyunlock
  • Ruhr Riders free with a weekly club ride #jerseyunlock
  • Saris #jerseyunlock
  • SAS Cycle Club (Spin & Sprint) free with kit challenge
  • Seattle Baby Steps FLOURO2
  • Splunk Racing Team (Trek) free with team membership
  • Steed Cycles BASIC2
  • SZC (Scheels Zwift Cyclists) CLASSY2
  • SZR (Swedish Zwift Riders) free with club rides #jerseyunlock
  • TBR (The Big Ring) BASIC2 free with qualifying ride BLACKSHEEP
  • Team CLS free with club rides #jerseyunlock
  • Team DIRT (Dad’s Inside Riding Trainers) free with team membership join via ZwiftPower
  • Team G7
  • Team EN (Endurance Nation) free with club rides #jerseyunlock
  • Team Intermountain LiVE Well BASIC2
  • Team Italy TEAMITALY
  • Team ODZ Cycling Club old kit free with challenge, 2018 kit with qualifying ride
  • Team Poland free with club rides #jerseyunlock
  • Team TYPE1 free with club membership INVITE ONLY via their facebook page
  • TFZR (Team Fearless Zwift Riders) MTS #jerseyunlockcode
  • TGIF BIKE&BEER #jerseyunlockcode
  • Team TFC (The Friday Criterium) free with club rides #jerseyunlock
  • Team Velocity TEAMVELOCITY as of yet no #jerseyunlock
  • Team WBR free with club membership  INVITE ONLY via their facebook group to ride for Team 3R (Ride-Race-Raise)
  • TeamZF (Zwift Fitness) free with a bi-annual qualifying ride
  • TeamZHR
  • Triathlon Ulaval BASIC5
  • Triathlon 24-7 TRI247 as of yet no #jerseyunlock
  • VietVelo CLASSY2
  • Vikings as of yet no #jerseyunlock
  • VZT (Vegan Zwift Team) BASIC2
  • Way2Champ Coaching as of yet no #jerseyunlock
  • WKG (Whats Up W/KG? Vlogs) free with club rides #jerseyunlock
  • ZER Bikes, Trikes and Hanbikes BASIC4
  • ZZRC (Zwift Zlow Riders Club) free with club rides #jerseyunlock
  • ZRG (Zwift Riders Germany) free with club rides #jerseyunlock
  • ZSun Racing Team ZSUNKIT #jerseyunlockcode
  • ZHCC (Riders and Striders) free with team membership
  • zHerd (The Zwift Herd) BASIC2
  • Zwift Pack PAC as of yet no #jerseyunlock
  • Zwift NL KNWUELITE as of yet no #jerseyunlock
  • Zwift Singapore TEAMPTZ as of yet no #jerseyunlock
  • more to follow!

ZWIFT JERSEYS where you connect your account to unlock… #rideon

ALWAYS be sure to check your Zwift Companion iOS app and their official Instagram iOS app for upcoming events and challenge makeup weekends. If you’ve only just joined Zwift and missed a previous challenge then sadly at the time of posting you will be unable to unlock that particular virtual jersey 😦 for full details visit the Zwift How To Event Based Jerseys