Team ODZ Cycling Club


One of the first teams created on Zwift by Quan Nguyen this cycling team ODZ (Optometrists Do Zwift) and community that has grown out of creating and managing unique races and rides on  Zwift they ride in Corona, California. Take your membership to the next level with the Kraken Club!

Original Jersey Challenge

Your mission, if you accept it is to pledge your allegiance to TeamODZ by completing the following rides and complete their online application form

  • Two ODZ Group Rides or Races (any event organized by TeamODZ counts, see calendar for complete listing) Three ODZwifters Workouts of the Week (workout files available here)
  • Set up and sign into the ODZ Discord channel and introduce yourself to the group.
    Plus one of the following two options:
  • One ODZentury with the minimum distance of 100km;
  • Race 3 times while tagged as TeamODZ (any race on Zwift), and change your Team on ZwiftPower to TeamODZ.

Jersey Unlock 2018

If you were already a Team ODZ member you will have seen the exclusive week from 5th-11th November where you could ride any of their rides to unlock the exclusive 2018 kit, if you missed it you can still complete their kit challenge for the first Team ODZ kit however like many events to unlock a Zwift Jersey if you missed the event then you missed the ride to unlock it 😦