ZHCC Riders and Striders

Rides are aimed at Zwifters looking for a ride experience at a more relaxed pace. We do not ride fast or race each other, the idea is to ride together and enjoy a group ride at an average sub 2.0 w/kg or 1.5 w/kg for the ladies group. ZHCC look forward to riding with you.

  • ZHCC Sub 2.0 every Wednesday at 18:55
  • ZHCC Sub 2.0 every Thursday at 18:00 (Ladies Only)
  • ZHCC Sub 2.0 every Saturday at 18:15
  • ZHCC Sub 2.0 every Sunday at 18:05

ZHCC Team Jersey: When you sign on to Zwift for one of their rides you will automatically wear a digital version of the ZHCC cycling jersey. If you complete the ride you will then unlock the jersey for your everyday Zwifting rides. #rideon