Tour of Watopia 2021

Earn double experience points during all five stages of the most rewarding tour of the year! Sign up and level up. Registration opens March 15th 2021.


Head for Change: Rugby Ride Challenge 2021

Led by Alix Popham who plans to ride the full 24 hours, supported by Tour de France 2018 winner Geraint Thomas OBE, 100 ex-international rugby players, and other celebrity and sporting ambassadors. Donate whatever you can

March 6th and 7th 2021

  • 24 hour cycle challenge on Zwift –over 2 days, with 6 x 2 hour stages each day.
  • Led by Alix Popham who plans to ride the full 24 hours, supported by Tour de France 2018 winner Geraint Thomas OBE, 100 ex-international rugby players, and other celebrity and sporting ambassadors.
  • Wales, England, Scotland, Ireland and the Rest of the World will all be competing for the most miles cycled over the weekend – join your country and ride with your rugby heroes to add to their team’s miles. Find your ride using the hashtag #rugbyridechallenge

ABSA Cape Epic Stage Race

Following the sucess of the 2020 Absa Cape Epic Workout Series. Go beyond this year with the Absa Cape Epic Race Series. For many pros, competing in this punishing, grueling race is a highlight of their year. And it provides amateurs the chance to test themselves against the best.Want a taste of this event from home? Check out the Absa Cape Epic Stage Race. Pulling no punches, the first stage includes one spicy attack up and over the Volcano Climb. Of course, your avatar will be on a mountain bike. When you complete all four stages, you will be entered for a chance to win a IRL custom painted Scott Spark RC 900 team issue AXS! See below for illustrative images.For more info visit:

  • Finish Stage 1 or 2 to unlock the Absa Cape Epic kit.
  • Finish Stage 3 or 4 to unlock the Scott Spark Cape Epic custom paint job.
  • Complete all 4 stages and get an invite into the Absa Cape Epic Pro/Am Race on March 17.

Ceramic Speed Race Series

CeramicSpeed will host a series of group rides between 2nd – 26th Mar 2021.  The series includes four races over two weeks, with a premier ‘qualifying’ event as well as Open Races. For those who don’t qualify, there’s still a chance to win one of three CeramicSpeed drivetrain upgrades (OSPW, Bottom Bracket & Chain). And when you participate in any of the races, you’ll unlock the CeramicSpeed Jersey the very same jersey unlocked during the Ceramic Speed Mission 2020

Zwift Run Festival

Unlock the whole 2021 ZRF kit by completing one event from every Zwift Run Festival. There are 4 festivals per year (March, June, Sep, Dec). This upcoming March Festival rewards your avatar with a stylish pair of Running Socks, with each new festival unlocking a new article of clothing. March: Shorts June: Hat September: Shoes December: Shirt Along with unlocks for each of the Festivals with an overall Zwift Run Festival look, we now have a reward for those who complete a marathon distance event on Zwift. There is a shirt design that highlights the accomplishment of running a 26.2 marathon on Zwift however I might give that one a miss as the 10km is probably all I can muster!

UA HOVR™ Run the World Series

Run a 5K in five different Zwift worlds between 2nf- 28th March New York. Paris. Richmond. London. Innsbruck. Under Armour ambassadors will get in on the action too, leading select events. Complete Stage 2 in Paris on the Champs-Élysées to unlock the UA run shirt, then finish Stage 5 in Innsbruck to unlock the HOVR™ running shoes.


The Women’s Ride and Run Series

Celebrate the power and strength of women everywhere with fun social events,a vibrant live panel, and energetic podcastepisodes featuring our community of athletes for the whole of March 2021. Earn the in-game WRRS Ride Kit and Run Top when you complete one group event. Plus, score the real life jersey and Run Top available from No Gods No Masters. Sorry Guys this one is just for the ladies!

Haute Route Watopia

Back for a second year following the sucess off the Haute Route x Zwift 2020 gives amateurs a taste of what pro racing feels like. Zwift makes indoor training fun. Together, they provide a world-class Haute Route experience from the comfort of home. Want to see how you stack up against the competition? Of course you do. Take your game to new heights by tracking race results. Be sure to opt into ZwiftPower to check out your standings.OPT IN and check your RESULTS

NORSEMAN Winter Training Series

Norseman is a tribute to triathlon, now on its 3rd year on Zwift. Between 15th Feb – 29th Mar 2021 you’ll join together as a team, where your best friend is the one handing you the bottle that helps you up another climb.And when you get to the finish line, whether it’s on Gaustatoppen or Gaustablikk, your hard work and effort will get rewarded—with our approval of your success and a T-shirt. This year’s event is much easier than the original Norseman Winter Training of 2018 where Zwifters had to finish 6 of the 12 races for the kit unlock, twice as hard as the recent 3 stage Haute Route 2021 event

XTERRA Off-road Series

Starting January 11, join fellow triathletes in a 6-week training and race series inspired by XTERRA’s scenic locations. These workouts will take you on a journey through six iconic XTERRA races: Beaver Creek, France, China, Tahiti, Canada, and Maui. Then gear up for a full week of racing  22-28 February for your shot to win an entry into the XTERRA World Championships in Maui along with other great prizes. Complete any bike race between 22nd – 28th February to unlock the XTERRA jersey. Finish any run race to unlock the XTERRA shirt.


True Treadmill Event Series

The TRUE Treadmill Series is almost here—mark your calendar! Train with friends near and far while exploring Watopia as you take on this workout series from February 8-28, 2021. Get ready to take your stride to the next level with three workouts designed to highlight the best Zwift has to offer. First up is the Tempo Run—where you’ll get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Next is the Speed Run—designed to take your fastest gear up a notch! And finally, the Hill Run—the secret sauce to any training regime to build that strength. Deep breaths, you’ve got this!

The Tempo workout in this series unlocks the in-game cap. The Speed Run unlocks the run shirt. And the Hill workout completes the series, guaranteeing you an entry to be eligible to win the IRL prize—a top of the line TRUE treadmill.

Ryzon Days of Dedication

Ryzon’s Days of Dedication series is the best way to test yourself, break your own PR and work hard on your performance side by side with the community. The watch is a cruel and honest adversary. Are you ready to compete against them? Together with the Ryzon ambassadors and the worldwide Zwift Tri-Community, you can take part in a number of group and time trial events every Thursday.With the completion of just one event, you unlock the unique kit. As you may recall, at the end of 2020 we shared two design options with the community. And the community voted. The kit, which is both timelessly cool and has a nod to Watopia, is now available in-game.

Black Celebration Series

The Black Celebration Series is all about supporting our Black community. Come ride and run with notable athletes, community leaders, and their friends during special events throughout the month and beyond.Unlock in the exclusive in-game BCS kit and run shirt when you complete any ride or run.

Chasing Cancellara

Race weekend will take place February 13th – 14th  and will consist of individual TT’s on Watopia’s Tick Tock and Bologna’s Time Trial Lap routes. The TT will put riders to the test as they are forced to work for themselves, as opposed to working together.If you’re new to Zwift—this is a great opportunity to join like-minded cyclists in the community for social rides led by Cancellara throughout the week. Then, tell your legs to get ready for race weekend in Watopia and see how you stack up against the legend himself by chasing down his time. It’s going to be fun and fast! Complete one of the weekend races to unlock the exclusive in-game Chasing Cancellara kit.


  • On Saturday 13 Feb, gear up to chase down Cancellara’s time on the Bologna route17  minutes, 14 seconds. Let’s see what you’ve got!
  • Sunday 14 Feb, dig deep along the Tick Tock route as you try to beat the preset time of 27 minutes, 3 seconds. Deep breaths, you got this!

Tour de OZ 2021

Making its return in 2021 after a few years hiatus, the Zwift Tour de Oz finds itself in an important place in a disrupted Australian summer of cycling. The virtual race comes ahead of the major on-road staples of the 2021 Australian calendar, the Tour Down Under (reconstituted this year as the Santos Festival of Cycling) and the nationals road race championships, across three stages during the weekend of January 16-17

Zwift Race Series Running

The Zwift Running Series is back and better than ever in 2021! Hope you’re ready! Each month, we’ll be hosting a race on Zwift. Open to the entire community, these events will have different themes and special unlocks.

Unfortunately Zwift use the same page for their ZRS Running it’s updated each month so you loose the previous dates and informationit’s best to check around the 20th or each month for the next unlock event, here’s what we know as we try to keep track each month!

  • Resolution Run 30/12/2020 – 3/1/2021
    • World: New York
    • Unlock: ZRS Winter Run Shirt and Ciele Bucket Hat
  • Wave Dash 5K 23/01/2021 – 30/01/2021
    • World: Watopia
    • Unlock : ZRS Hat and Sunglasses
  • Cobble Crusher 19/02/2021 – 21/02/2021
    • World: Richmond
    • Unlock: ZRS Shoes and Socks
  • TBC ?? Last week in March around the same time as the March Fondo ??

Tour de Zwift 2021

Consider this your invitation to embark on a worldwide journey. Open to riders and runners of all levels from all over the world, Tour de Zwift is the perfect chance to explore eight fun-filled stages, each with a distinct theme, with a number of destinations within each stage. Go world hopping from January 4th -February 20th you might even see Bernie the Yeti 😂