Zwift Zlow Riders Club

This Zwift Zlow (Slow) Riders Club is about people who just want to use Zwift for pure fitness purposes with no competition involved. This club is for people who are older, disabled or semi-disabled or even the younger generation. We can arrange one to one rides for company and encouragement. It’s also people undergoing physiotherapy, or beginners to cycling. They offer four weekly #jerseyunlock rides

  • ZZRC SUB 2.0 Ride every Wednesday and Friday at 18:40 GMT
  • ZZRC Ride – Effort 2.5 to 2.7 w/kg every Wed 19:25 + Fri 19:30 GMT

Zwift ZZRC Team Jersey: When you sign on to Zwift for one of their rides you will automatically wear a digital version of the ZZRC cycling jersey. If you complete the ride you will then unlock the jersey for your everyday Zwifting rides. #rideon